Rise up for Climate! GO CLEAN GO GREEN!

Today Kibra Green held a climate change procession to the Kenyan Parliament. The reason for this procession is our MPs should formulate laws to protect our environment before we lose it completely!

From Capetown to Tripoli ,Mississippi to London solid waste is a big challenge but PLASTIC is proving to be the most challenging due to its non bio-degradable characteristic .this needs universal efforts geared toward how we can reduce reuse and recycle but also embracing other alternative packaging means that are environmental friendly and Kibra Green is fronting for these alternative.

This is the Universal language we should all be speaking when dealing with PLASTIC as component of SOLID WASTE. plastic pollution is one of the biggest problem in the 21st century and it needs a united fronts in tackling it in respect to REDUCING,REUSING AND RECYCLING.is not only dangerous in our land fields but also the biggest threat to marine life.


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